Writing Services

Writing, researching, and helping others tell a compelling story is one of the things I love most.  Whether you are an individual, a family, a community, or an organization I would love to help you explore and tell your story.

Perhaps you are writing a novel or a work of non-fiction, research reports,  or articles.  Perhaps you are publishing a magazine, a blog, a book, or an email newsletter.  Perhaps you need fresh eyes on your fundraising letters.  Perhaps you need genealogical research or help in putting together your family story.

Let’s see if I can  help you.


I bring 30 years of non-profit experience, a lifetime of historical and cultural research and writing, and a relentless passion for making a difference to any work I take up.  I look forward to speaking with you about how we can work together.

~ Rick Gwynallen ~
301.928.9026 (cell)