Briefings & White Papers

Sometimes your mission needs weightier backing than an article.  I can help you produce documents that offer authoritative perspective on or solutions to a problem.  See some of the products I have helped with here.

Briefings and White Papers fall under the general heading of Policy Papers. White papers are most often thought in the realm of public policy and politics, but also they are also used in business and technical fields. In commercial use, white papers are often used as a marketing or sales tool where the product is pitched as the “solution” to a perceived need within a particular market.

In the world of policy, white papers guide decision makers with expert opinions,
recommendations, and analytical research.

Policy papers may also take the form of a briefing paper, which typically provides a decisionmaker with an overview of an issue or problem, targeted analysis, and, often, actionable recommendations.

Briefing books and white papers often accompany an oral briefing that targets key findings or recommendations. The decision maker then refers to the extended paper for the deep analysis that supports the core findings or recommendations.

My Briefings and White Paper writing services include:

  • Pitching ideas (if needed)
  • Research and thorough fact-checking
  • Designing presentation with client
  • Preparing drafts
  • Creating shareable content
  • Interviewing (if needed)
  • Editing and integrating client revisions
  • Adding stock images
  • Uploading articles to your website (if needed)