Genealogical Research

My work in genealogy started as a labor of love for my daughter who had become engaged.  Having done a lot of research in my life I felt I could expand the knowledge of our family lines so that the family she was creating would be better informed.  Our own family was a treasure trove of stories and lore, but not a lot of firm genealogy past my great grandparents.  The genealogy bug bit me and it became quite an obsession.  It grew into a love of personal history writing, and resulted in a family history website we called The Kitchen Table.

More recently, I have managed an extensive genealogy and history project for B’nai Israel Congregation called the Descendants’  Day Project.  We scour the synagogue’s archives and produce a large number of family trees that allow us to identify living descendants of early families – a sort of reverse genealogy.  We have hundreds of family under research and have found more than 1,300 living descendants.

I can help you build sound family trees, address problems in your family history knowledge, and explore particular areas of interest.  Depending upon your need I can produce research reports or case studies supported by sound research and evidence-based conclusions.

Richard Gwynallen

I adhere to the Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS), which requires that for a sound conclusion, we need to meet all five components of the GPS.

1. Reasonably exhaustive research.
2. Complete and accurate source citations.
3. Thorough analysis and correlation.
4. Resolution of conflicting evidence.
5. Soundly written conclusion based on the strongest evidence.